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ChilliDrive. The coolest young driver insurance around.

We know how expensive it is when you’re just starting out on the road.

So we’ve developed an App that can help take care of that.

ChilliDrive is the evolved road safety app that is helping younger drivers bring down their premiums.

It’s revolutionary because it doesn’t need any black box technology – just a smart phone and the ChilliDrive beacon - drivers love it!

Our award winning ChilliDrive app is already at work reducing premiums for young drivers across Northern Ireland – and helping them to be better, safer drivers too.

It’s all good:


* Up to £1,500 in some cases.

Keep Safe

ChilliDrive tells you how you can improve your driving style, which also helps everyone to…

Stay Sane

With ChilliDrive on board, everyone can rest easy you’re driving as safely as possible.

Get Social

By starting conversations about good driving, we’re helping more ChilliDrivers to pick up driving tips that will stay with them on the road.

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*Based on 28% of 118 saving over £1500 between January and August 2015

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