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A Safe Farm Is A Happy Farm

It’s coming up to the holidays, when the schools are off and the children are at a loose end and getting up to all types of trouble. But, one type of trouble you don’t want to occur is a farm accident.

HSENI have introduced a new initiative entitled ‘Be Aware Kids’ with the intention of cutting down farm accidents and fatalities and bringing awareness to farm safety in addition to making your farm more ‘child proof’.

If you are a farmer with children running about, there are a few simple suggested steps you can follow to make your farm a safe and fun environment for the youngsters, that will give you peace of mind knowing they are out of harm’s way.










From a recent survey carried out by Autoline Insurance, 81% of farmers agree that farming is a dangerous industry where many accidents can happen, but with plans in place and a sharp eye, it should also be safe and fun. 

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