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Agricultural Liability

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Everyday farmers face risk of legal action being taken against them due to the nature of their business. The cost of defending these claims can prove disastrous to a farmer’s livelihood. Liability Insurance financially protects you when such claims are made against your farm. 

Liability cover needs to be extended  if you transact any other business activities as part of your farm business. For example, agricultural contracting, freeze branding or hoof trimming

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Types of Agricultural Liability

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Public and Product Liability

This type of liability is a must-have for any farm as it makes sure your business is covered if a member of the public is injured on your farm. It also covers you if you are responsible for damage to another person’s property. For e.g. If your cattle escape and cause damage to someone’s vehicle.

Product liability provides cover if the business has supplied or sold a product which has caused injury or damage to another person or property. For example, if antibiotics in a farmer’s milk contaminates a tanker load.

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Employers Liability

This provides cover if the business has caused injury or damage to an employee as result of negligence. As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to buy employers’ liability insurance. We provide £10 million as standard but higher limits are available.

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Environmental Liability

Sometimes agricultural businesses can cause environmental damage as a result of farming processes and the cost of putting right the damage can be extremely high. We include cover for environmental damage up to £2 million, including costs, as standard.

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