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    What is ‘Essential Travel’?

    The Government has issued guidelines on what is considered to be essential travel, and we strongly recommend that you do not make any unnecessary journeys and adhere to the Government advice, which you can view here.

    Do I need to make changes to my policy due to COVID-19?

    If you have made any changes to how you use your vehicle due to COVID-19, such as using your vehicle for voluntary purposes to transport medicines or groceries to support others who are impacted by COVID-19, your cover will not be affected.  You do not need to contact us to update your documents or extend your cover.  This applies to all categories of NHS Volunteer Responders, including transporting patients, equipment, or other essential supplies.


    These commitments apply to private cars insured on private car insurance policies only. This does not cover use for hire or reward purposes.


    If you have made any other changes to your policy that are not related to COVID-19, such as a change of vehicle or updated your address, you will still need to contact us to update your policy.

    I am a key worker and I now need to travel to different places of work, am I covered?

    We appreciate all the effort that key workers are doing at this time.  If your working circumstances have changed as a result of COVID-19, you do not need to contact us to update your documents or extend your cover.  If your work* is critical to the national response to COVID-19 and you need to use your car to drive to different locations for work purposes because of the impact of COVID-19 your cover will not be affected.


    *Key workers applies to everyone who works in one of the critical sectors which you can view here


    These commitments apply to private cars insured on private car insurance policies only. This does not cover use for hire or reward purposes.

    I can’t get through to you on the phone, what do I do?

    We are ensuring that all efforts are made to protect our customers, our staff and the wider community and we have been working behind the scenes to adapt our business operations.  As a result, you may experience a longer wait time than normal but please bear with us and we will answer your call as soon as possible.


    Alternatively, let us know if you would like us to call you back instead, you can request a callback by emailing

    Will my car insurance premium be affected if I am not driving as much?

    Your car insurance premium will not be affected. We ask that you are mindful when you are reviewing your annual mileage at your next renewal not to underestimate what mileage you will need to complete next year, as due to Government guidelines issued for COVID-19 your mileage this year may be lower than average. The good news is that you will continue to earn your no claims bonus entitlement during this time.

    I am not using my car as I am self-isolating / social distancing, can someone else use it?

    If someone else needs to drive your car, they need to be insured to do so.  To find out who is currently insured to drive your vehicle under your policy, review the details on your Certificate of Motor Insurance.  


    If the person you need to drive your vehicle is not currently insured on your car you can contact us to update your policy and add them (there may be an addition   zal charge to do this depending on their personal details).


    It is important that your friends and family are also adhering to Government advice, so if their trip is not an essential journey they should not be travelling.

    Can someone else drive my car if they have their own policy?

    If someone else has their own policy and it is confirmed on their Certificate of Motor Insurance that they can drive another vehicle, then they will be legally allowed to drive your vehicle.  It is important to remember that this will most likely only be insured for Third Party cover, which means that if they have an incident when driving your vehicle that there will be no cover to fix any accidental damage and there will be no Theft cover if your vehicle is stolen and they were the last person to drive it. 


    Remember to disinfect the surfaces with the appropriate cleaning products if you are sharing your vehicle.

    Can I drive someone else’s car if they are in self-isolating/social distancing and not using it?

    If you have got Fully Comprehensive insurance, you may have heard that this means you can drive any other car; this is not always the case.  Insurers generally do not provide cover under your policy for you to drive someone else’s vehicle if you are under the age of 25, and even if you are aged 25 and above, each insurer has their own set of criteria when it comes to defining who does and does not have cover to drive another car. 


    This level of cover is generally referred to as a Third-Party Extension as your cover will most likely drop down to Third Party Only cover when driving someone else’s car.  Therefore, it is important that you do not drive another car unless this level of cover is confirmed on your Certificate of Motor Insurance.  If it is not confirmed on your certificate, then you will be breaking the law by driving someone else’s vehicle uninsured. 


    If you need to drive someone else’s car, they can contact their own insurance provider and request that you are added as an additional driver to their policy.  If you choose to do this, it is important that you do not drive their car until they have confirmed to you that you are stated as an additional driver on their Certificate of Motor Insurance.


    It is important that you are adhering to Government advice, so if it is not essential for you to drive someone else’s vehicle then you should not do so.


    Remember to disinfect the surfaces with the appropriate cleaning products if you are sharing a vehicle.

    Can I use my car to deliver shopping to elderly or vulnerable people?

    Our key priority is to support our customers, our staff and the wider community so we really understand how important it is for you if you need to help the elderly or the vulnerable at this time. 


    If you need to deliver shopping or provide support to someone else, then you are insured to do so on the basis that this is voluntary and you are not receiving payment. 


    We do advise that you adhere to the Government guidelines on what is classed as an essential journey which can be found here

    Can I drive my car to go somewhere for exercise during social distancing?

    It is important that we are all doing what we can to adhere to the Government advice on Social Distancing, which you can find here


    Whilst you will be insured to drive your vehicle to somewhere for your once daily exercise, we strongly advise that you do not make journeys that are non-essential.  Think of other ways to exercise in your home, or in your garden, or by leaving your house on foot. 


    Remember, you always need to stay more than two metres away from other people when exercising unless they live in your household.

    Will my breakdown cover still be valid?

    If your car suffers a breakdown, or a puncture, and you purchased breakdown recovery with your car policy, your cover is not impacted by COVID-19. Your vehicle will still be repaired by the roadside if possible, and the mechanic will follow social distancing guidelines to protect both themselves and you. For Recovery, additional and alternative measures are being introduced to facilitate safe transportation while maintaining social distancing and this will vary according to the circumstances. All operatives will carry and use gloves and wipes as required.

    Am I allowed to have passengers in my car?

    By adhering to the Government advice on Social Distancing, you must always maintain a safe distance of two metres or more from another individual unless they are a member of your household.  Therefore, solo journeys are recommended unless you need to make an essential journey with a member of your household.

    Do I need to let you know if I am using my car for deliveries as part of my job?

    Wondering why your insurer needs to know if you are a delivery driver?  Insurers take a range of factors into consideration when calculating the cost of your insurance policy for the year.  One of these factors is your occupation. 


    If you are a delivery driver, you need to let us know if you will be using your vehicle for deliveries. This is because you will most likely be on the road for longer periods of time and cover more miles; you may also need a different level of cover to make sure you are insured correctly so that you are not left liable for any damage or injury caused in the event of a claim.

    My MOT test was due, am I insured to drive?

    The Government has confirmed that a Temporary Exemption Certificate (TEC) will be issued to all vehicle owners by the DVLA if the vehicle is due an MOT test is on or after 26 March 2020 and further information can be found here.


    During this time, you must ensure that your vehicle is well maintained and kept in a roadworthy condition.  Further information on how to check if your vehicle is roadworthy can be found here and here.


    If you know that your vehicle’s likely to fail, do not drive and call a mechanic to book in a MOT service when next available.    

    Do I need to tax my car if I am not driving it due to COVID-19?

    The rules around taxing your vehicle have not changed.  However, if you wish to stop the payments on your car tax, you must notify the DVLA that you are taking your vehicle off public roads. 

    Do I need to cancel my car insurance if I won’t be using my car during self-isolation or social distancing?

    No, you do not need to cancel your policy if you are not driving your car.  Whilst you may not be driving your vehicle on the road, you are still covered for other important levels of cover including fire and theft cover.


    If you do choose to cancel your car insurance, you should declare your vehicle SORN which you can do here.

    I have a query or concern about my monthly car insurance payment, who do I speak to?

    At Autoline we use two different finance partners to facilitate monthly payments. To check who you have, you can check your bank account and see who payments are made to or you can check on the hard copy of your finance agreement which you will have received in the post.


    If you need to speak to them regarding to your insurance payments, you can speak with them confidentially by contacting them directly on following numbers:

    Creation Consumer Finance Limited, please call 03713 769200.

    Close Brothers Premium Finance, please call 03333 218566.

Need to speak with us? 03452 303030