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Get your Teen in the Driving Seat this Summer

03 July 2019

Taking the step to start driving can be scary and downright stressful but for many people, they are unsure when the perfect time is to start getting on the road. Well we have a few reasons why Summer is a pretty good place to start.

What a lovely day…

During Summer, the days are at their longest and brightest and driving in those types of days beat starting out in poor winter weather conditions where they might have to drive in snow, ice and fog – nerve-wracking, to say the least. During the winter months not only makes driving harder but there is more of a chance of lessons being cancelled due to weather warnings. 

Where is everyone? 

If they are particularly nervous about being out on the road for the first time, then summer holidays tend to be much calmer especially in the morning as the typical morning rush is less frantic as the schools are closed. 

Practice makes perfect

The RAC recommend doing one two-hour lessons a week at the start of everyone’s driving adventure. Starting in the Summer means they will have more time to keep up with these and stay consistent. During the year, they may end up starting and stopping due to a number of factors like part-time jobs, exams and weather conditions. 

Free as a bird

During the Summer, students are more likely to have more time to commit to lessons if they’re still at school as they won’t be focusing on homework or studying for big exams!

When it comes to insurance, it can be quite expensive for first time drivers, that’s why we have developed ChilliDrive – our young driver app that  measures drivers’ skills and rewards safer drivers with lower premiums. For further information, call 03452 303030.