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Make the most of your commute

04 June 2019

According to the TCU, the average worker in Northern Ireland has a round trip commute of 46 minutes. It can then be assumed that commuters spend 172 hours a year travelling to and from work - how exhausting! 

The fact is commuting can be quite stressful, especially when external factors come into force such as traffic jams, delays and transport cancellations. These all make our daily commute that little bit more taxing. Even if traffic is in our favour, travelling for long periods can be uncomfortable and tiring, especially on top of a long day at work!

Many of us simply get used to it – it’s become part of our workday but what can we do to make this time a little less frustrating and use our time a little more wisely? 

Here are a few easy ways to make the most of your commute:

Listen and Learn 

Learning is both a part of personal and professional development and what better time to do it, when you’ve actually got the time to soak it in. From self-help to career inspiration, podcasts are a great way of learning something new. Whatever your interest, there is a podcast for that. Handy Tip: Download a few at a time so you’ve got enough to keep you going. 


From bestsellers to thrillers to self-care, you can find the perfect e-book to listen to while you travel to and from work. Instead of basking in the void of nothingness while we drive, we could be entertaining ourselves with a murder mystery or a rom-com drama! By keeping an audio exclusive for your commute means you’ll be excited to return to it – especially if there’s a few cliff hangers! 

Dare I say it? You might even enjoy your commute! 

Learn a language

Most of us have probably forgotten the majority of French and Spanish we learned in school, and chances are we haven’t practiced either. Learning a new language is something many of us would love to do but the same excuse comes up – not enough time, or the classes are too costly. But what if you could learn in the comfort of your car? Learning a language while you commute... now that’s something to be proud of!

Think about YOU!

The solitude of a solo car journey can be a good time to take a walk through all the things that are going on in your life. Need to make a grocery list? Practice a big presentation? Organising your week? This can all be aided by using the voice recorder on your phone or a dictator app to “write down” what you are thinking. Pretty clever, huh?