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Keyless Car Theft is a thing!

01 April 2019

With a new claim made every six minutes following car theft in the UK and a particular rise in keyless vehicles, we look at the steps you can take to your keep your car safe.

How does keyless theft work?

Keyless car entry systems let drivers open and start their cars without taking their key out of their pocket.

Criminals, normally working in pairs, will buy certain gadgets that come from the dark web and target a car parked outside a house. One criminal will hold the device close to the car that boosts the signal meant for the key, while the other will stand close to the house with another device that relays that signal to the key, fooling the system. The police reports that often once these cars have been stolen, they will be stripped for parts, scary!

Clive Wain, Head of Police Liaison at Tracker, suggests that keyless theft is linked to organised crime. “These criminals are very resourceful, moving from one commodity to the next...Many are now aware of and have the technology at hand to steal cars, so they have diversified to the sector.”

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How to prevent keyless theft?

• Always ensure your car is properly locked and keep cars away from doors and windows. This will minimise the keys signal as well as preventing thieves from easily breaking in and swiping them.

• By keeping car keys in a metal tin, it can also block the signal.

• Steering locks, driveaway parking posts and wheel clamps will prevent a thief from driving away – it would also be considered as too much hassle for some criminals.

• According to Auto Express, you would have a high chance of recovering your key if you had a tracking device purchased. 

• Storing your key in a Faraday Pouch will stop your key transmitting its code, preventing criminals to detect and amplify the signal. However, it does remove the convenience that the keyless key was intended for.

It may also be worth taking out KeyCare cover as an add-on to your insurance policy, ensuring peace of mind. For more information on KeyCare cover, just call us on 0345 230 3030