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7 Moving house hacks you really need to know!

27 July 2019

So you’ve made the decision to move house – whether its moving into a rented place or moving into your forever house, we all dread it! The packing, organising, boxing and transporting – and trying to bribe friends and family to lend a helping hand. But it’s also a pretty exciting time and even though getting everything from one place to another can be tricky, we have a few tips to make it as stress-free as possible:

Cardboard Box Chief

Be a little thrifty and find all the boxes you need for free. Pop down to your local shops - you’d be surprised at how many of them want rid of cardboard boxes. Brown tape and bubble wrap will also become your new best friends so stock up well in advance.

Packing the night before? Guaranteed stress! Give yourself some time to pack and take it room by room, packing the most non-essential items first - it's also a good idea to rope in family and friends to give you a lending hand. 

Classic Clear-out

Now that you’re starting to pack up your possessions, it’s the perfect time to see what can be thrown out or donated. Always question what you want to keep – will you really need this in your new home? Do you have the room? By reducing the amount of stuff, your move will become a little bit easier.

Packing Clothes…Wrap them up!

How much time has been wasted packing, folding, ironing and re-hanging clothes in the moving process? We can imagine quite a lot! But we have a simple solution – take a bin bag and make a small hole in the bottom of the bag, pull the hangers through the hole, pull down the bin bag and fasten the hangers together with an elastic band.

That needs a label...

Between the process of moving boxes, everything can get pretty disorganised. That’s where labels come in. They can be really helpful, especially to distinguish between fragile and non-fragile boxes. If you want to go super organised – who doesn’t love colour coding? 

First Night box

It’s your first night in the new place and you can’t remember which box you put your toothbrush in or the teabags! It’s handy to have a “first night box” that has all your toiletries, clothes, the kettle and everything else you would need the following morning.

Plate Packing

Most people spend hours wrapping plates in newspaper, especially “the good china” but stacking foam disposable plates between real plates will make life so much easier and will protect them too. 

A screw loose...

The worst part about moving is losing things, especially bolts and screws that are vital to the set-up of your furniture. A useful tip is putting them into little freezer bags so they’re all in one place and label them so you know exactly what they belong to

Before the big move though, don’t forget to update your home insurance cover. Just give our team a call on 03452 303030 and we can sort that bit out for you.

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