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Why you need private health insurance this year

16 January 2019

Staying healthy and safeguarding the health of your family is top priority. If you or a loved one’s health takes a turn for the worse, rapid diagnosis and treatment are fundamental to getting back on your feet – definitely tricky these days. 

In Northern Ireland, most people are entitled to free healthcare from the National Health Service but with lengthy NHS queues, you may not receive medical treatment as quickly as you would like. According to the latest figures, more than three quarters of people were waiting more than nine weeks to see a consultant. As a result, treatment time will be prolonged, especially for rarer illnesses that require specialist expertise. 

So how can private health insurance help?

Private Health Insurance is an insurance policy designed to meet some or all of the costs of private medical treatment. Private medical treatment provides you with access to high-quality facilities and medical treatments, at a time and place that suits you. 

What are the benefits?

It puts you in control, giving you a choice in the level of care that you get and how and when it is provided, avoiding weeks and even months of worry. See below the many benefits of putting your health in your hands:

You get to choose

Within the NHS, people are usually appointed a GP and hospital regardless of whether these facilities meet their medical needs. With health insurance, you have a wider choice of when and where you receive treatment e.g., if you wish to consult with a different specialist who has more knowledge in a particular health area, this may be covered.

Reduced waiting times 

It’s no secret that waiting times within the NHS are growing and patients who tend to have more serious conditions, take priority. Recent figures in May 2018 showed the number of NHS patients waiting more than a year for routine treatment has ¬doubled in the past year, these have included hip replacements and cardiac procedures. To wait a full year for treatment can be very stressful. With private health insurance, waiting times are significantly reduced and patients, depending on the treatment, can receive care straightaway. You are likely to be seen, diagnosed and treated faster. 

Home comforts

Hospital stays are not always a pleasant experience but with private healthcare you are safe in knowing that you will have at least have some home comforts. So, when you’re not feeling very well, it’s nice to know as the following benefits may be available to you:

  • An ensuite room
  • Consultants available for both treatment and advice
  • With no lengthy waiting lists for operations, you don’t have to wait too long
  • Access to advanced equipment, treatments and procedures 

It can often take some time for new advances to be approved and adopted into the NHS. However private facilities are fast to incorporate these advances and can offer them to insured patients. You may also have access to exclusive drugs and procedures that aren’t available on the NHS. 

A personalised service

With private healthcare, you will receive a personalised experience. Doctors and consultants will take the time to talk you through everything and give you the advice you need, along with a tailored care plan. In addition, you will be given 24hr access to GP consultations and pharmacy support at no extra cost. 

So where does Autoline come in?

At Autoline, we have teamed up with Aviva, a leading global health insurer to provide you and your family with an exclusive offer on award-winning, flexible and affordable private health insurance here in Northern Ireland.

Our Autoline Health product offers a range of flexible health insurance options, designed to suit your needs, circumstances and budget offering you: 

  • Extensive cancer cover as part of Aviva’s cancer pledge
  • Access to prompt diagnosis and treatment
  • A choice of hospitals and consultants
  • 24 Hr access to GP and stress counselling helplines
  • Health and Wellbeing services at your disposal, helping you to stay fit and healthy.
  • Competitive family cover - Pay for the eldest child under 20 and all other children under 20 will be covered free

Your health is your most valuable asset and at Autoline, we’re with you.

To find out how private health insurance could help you and your family, call our Health Team based in our Newry office today on 02830260602 or email