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'Tis the Season for Contents Insurance

08 December 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…You’ve battled the miserable weather, walked miles around the shops, but you’ve done it. You’ve finally finished Christmas shopping!

With your presents wrapped and placed under the tree, you might be wondering if these new valuables are covered by the contents cover on your Home Insurance during the festive season.

Your cover may protect you against theft, fire, flood, water damage and any other issues but it does depend on your specific policy.  Unfortunately, Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for burglars therefore we often process lots of home insurance claims in January due to thefts in December so make sure you are not one of them!

Check your Cover 

To ensure your gifts are insured around Christmas time, many insurance providers will automatically increase the level of cover on your policy. This increase can vary depending on your insurer, but the average amount tends to be around 10%.

Although this increase can happen automatically, not all insurers will do this which is why we would strongly recommend checking your policy documents carefully and giving your insurance provider a call to verify if you have any concerns.

Know Your Single Item Limit

Single Ladies: Beyonce (Put A Ring On It)

Planning on treating a loved one to something really special this year? It’s worth remembering that a single item limit is the maximum that your insurer will pay out for an individual item, so if you are splurging on that special someone and putting a ring on it, you might want to give your insurance provider a call to make sure you’re fully covered.

Protect Your Home

Finally, if you have contents insurance and your insurer provides additional cover for the festive season, there’s a chance your claim could still be turned down if you fail to make your home secure.

Many policies will state that you must take ‘reasonable care’ of your property for the policy to remain valid. With that in mind, don’t take any risks this Christmas. Lock all accessible doors and windows, make sure if you have notified your insurer that you have a burglar alarm then you must ensure it is is set. Don’t forget to also keep your valuables such as car keys, presents, jewellery, gadgets, out of sight. 

Take Stock 

After the tree has been taken down, and you’re down to the last unwanted sweets in the tin of Quality Street, remember that any temporary boost to your contents cover over the holidays may be running out. As a result, you may want to reconsider your home contents cover to recalculate the value of your valuable items.