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We are passionate about educating young people about the importance of road safety, raising awareness of the primary causes of accidents and playing our small part in helping to reduce the number of fatalities occurring on our roads.

For 6 years, we have brought our Respect the Road Workshop to more than 51,000 students right across Northern Ireland.

The Workshop is suitable for students aged 16+ and we deliver it to GCSE, Lower and Upper 6th pupils. We also visit higher education colleges and universities.

What's involved?

Presentation Only:

  • Lasting approx. 1 hour, our presentation is co-delivered in partnership with Tracey Doherty, a former Family Liaison Officer with the PSNI.
  • She recounts her own harrowing account of dealing with the reality of road death, from carrying out body identification to delivering news of fatalities to families and parents.
  • As our Workshop has evolved, we have enhanced our presentation to ensure it paints an accurate picture of the issues facing young drivers and passengers here in NI, specifically focussing on key influential factors such as distractions and mobile phone use.


Car Crash Simulator Only:

  • We also have a car crash simulator, which has proved to be an extremely impactful feature of our Workshop.
  • By sitting in our specially modified car that uses sound, hydraulics, smoke and lighting effects, students experience the recreation of a real accident, which demonstrates the devastating and potentially fatal consequences of irresponsible driving.
  • The car simulator itself seats 5 people at a time and the experience lasts around 10mins – we can accommodate up to 30 participants per hour.


Full Programme:

  • This is the combined Presentation and Simulator experience which is our most popular option.

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We’re flexible and understand that busy timetables can often mean it can be difficult to fit a programme such as this into an already busy calendar, but we can work with you and find a timeslot that works best for everyone. If you are interested in taking part or would like more information about our Workshop, please contact Michelle Rice on 028 302 59011 or email

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