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Learning to drive is expensive, especially if you’re paying for extra lessons if you need some additional practice.  Plus being added on to a friend or parents insurance policy can be quite costly and it could affect their No Claims Bonus if you are involved in an accident while practicing. That is where a Learner Driver Policy comes in handy.

How does Learner Driver Insurance work?

If you’re aged 17-21, have your provisional licence and are raring to get on the road, Learner Driver insurance is the easy, affordable way to get you out and practicing.

We’ve come up with a solution that suits everyone: a policy that won’t affect the car owner’s no claims bonus or existing policy but does give you complete cover for as long as you need it.

What’s covered in Learner Driver Insurance?

  • You are covered to drive someone else’s car
  • You are protected if you have an accident
  • No risk to the owner's No Claims Bonus
  • You can get cover on month by month basis


Does someone need to be with me when I drive on Learner Insurance?

Yes. Any driver who is over 25 and has been driving for at least three years.

Do I need Learner Driver Insurance if I sign up for driving lessons?

No, when you sign up for driving lessons at a professional driving school, you won’t need to worry about Learner’s Insurance as it is included in the price of your lessons.  

What if I practice in my parent’s car without insurance?

This is illegal. Any driver who drives without insurance could face a fine and penalty points on your licence before you even get it.

Can my parents not just add me as a named driver on their own car insurance?

Yes, but their premium could increase considerably as you are seen as a big risk to an insurer. If you have an accident, they may lose their No Claims Discount.

When I pass my test, am I still covered?

No, cover will stop as soon as you pass your test.

You might want to think about your own car insurance soon if you plan to buy your own car once you pass your test. If you take out a policy with our young drivers’ insurance, ChilliDrive, you could save up to £1,800*.

*Based on 53% of 100 customers saving over £1,800 – June 2019. Source: Based on Broker’s own data.

Can I drive on the motorway?

A provisional licence holder can only drive on the motorway if they are accompanied by a DVSA approved driving instructor.

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