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Your premises are the foundation of your business, and we understand the importance of protecting your assets. Our specialist business team is dedicated to safeguarding your Property business. We are here to help guide you through the various options available, making sure you have right combination of property insurance for your needs.

Types of cover

Commercial Property

Suitable for Retail, Industrial, Warehouse, Storage Facilities and Offices.

Residential (3-5 properties and Communal)

Suitable for Multiple Residential Properties including DSS, Private, Assisted, Asylum Seekers, Student at Single or Various Locations and Blocks of Flats.

Mixed Use Property

Suitable for properties with multiple uses- for example shops with flats or offices above.

Unoccupied Property

Suitable for both short and long-term unoccupancy and final use (renovation, sale or demolition).


Cover Options

Material Damage

Material Damage

This cover can be an important consideration to include in your Property Insurance to protect against accidental damage following events such as fire, escape of water or burglary.

Material Damage cover helps protect your property when there is physical damage to:

    • Buildings
    • Landlords Contents
    • Communal Areas


As a Property owner, you are legally responsible for your property ensuring that it is well maintained and does not pose a risk to the public or tenants.  

Owning property means that you face the risk of incurring liabilities through your operations therefore a suitable Liability Insurance will help protect you against claims made across a variety of scenarios. There are various Liability options to consider:

Owners Liability

Property Owners Liability

As a Property Owner or Landlord, this policy covers you if a member of the public (including tenants) injure themselves on your property or damage is caused to property belonging to someone else.

Employers Liability

Employer’s Liability

If you employ staff as part of your Property business, you are legally obligated to have Employer’s Liability in place to help pay compensation if an employee or indeed ex-employee sues you for injury or illness caused by their work.

Public Liability

Public Liability

Public Liability covers your Property business against claims of injury or property damage to a third party.

Landowner Liability

Land Liability

If you own land, this policy covers you against exposure to claims as result of someone being injured on your land – even trespassers.

Loss Of Rent

Loss of Rent

This policy has been created with Property Owners and Landlords in mind. It helps protect your Property business by paying out in the event of a claim following loss or damage after insured events (or perils) such as fire, storm or escape of water which prevent tenants from staying at your property.

It is important to be mindful of the maximum amount the insurer is willing to offer for any one claim and within the policy term as well as consider the length of time* it may take to make the necessary repairs rendering your property habitable again for your tenants.

*Planning permission restrictions apply.

Boost your cover

Legal Expenses

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Directors and Offices

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Excess Protection

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Legal Expenses

  • However carefully you run your Property business, chances are that you will need legal assistance at some point.
  • A Legal Expenses policy covers you for legal advice and gives you access to dedicated helplines if needed. Plus, it covers you for any legal costs incurred in circumstances such as contract disputes, employment disputes, tax investigations and more.

Directors and Offices

  • Insurance policies are designed to meet the needs of your business, but the capacity of your role can mean you need further protection. This policy is not for the Property business but for you if you are a key decision maker such as a member of a senior management team.
  • It covers you if you are found to be in breach of certain duties, helping to protect you from any claims made as a result of your decisions and actions.
  • It provides personal asset protection from any claims brought against you by:
    • Shareholders
    • Employees (Past and Present)
    • Customers
    • Creditors
    • Other Directors
    • Competitors
    • Suppliers

Excess Protection

  • This policy is helpful as it covers excess amount you pay towards a claim you make on your Property insurance policy. It’s usually made up of both, voluntary and compulsory excesses.
  • Having this in place means that you will be reimbursed for the amount you pay. So, it means you won’t be out of pocket for too long!


  • Having an insurance policy in place is a legal requirement if you own a van.
  • If you are transporting materials between properties in order to help service and maintain your properties, it is important to include this in your policy. You can read more about our Van cover here

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